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Food Mold Thickener

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Food Mold Thickener is a unique thickening powder designed specifically for use in the application of molding texture modified food and unlike many other thickeners is heat, freeze and thaw stable. These are essential properties for ensuring successful food molds. 

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Key Features

Food Mold Thickener is a 100% natural, modified maize starch designed specifically for use with puree food molding.

Why use Food Mold Thickener? 

Quick - stops thickening after just one minute and retains its consistency.

Safe - food thickened with Food Mold Thickener helps provide the individual with better control when swallowing, helping to prevent choking and aspiration. 

Appealing -adding Food Mold Thickener to puréed food gives it a safe and uniform consistency as well as allowing it to be molded to create a more visually appealing meal.

Neutral Taste - so does not alter the flavour of food and liquid 

Heat Freeze & Thaw Stable - allowing pureed food to be prepared in bulk and frozen whilst still retaining its consistency and shape when reheated.

Versatile - powder blends in smoothly, quickly and easily to hot or cold food and liquid.

Nutritive - fortifies food with additional energy.

  • Weight: 500g

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