What are your puree food molds made from?

Beware of cheap and poor quality imitations!! 

Our Silicone Puree Food Molds are made from top quality 3mm thick 100% food grade certified silicone rubber.

Are the puree food molds dishwasher safe?

Yes all food molds are dishwasher safe making cleaning a breeze.

Are the puree food molds oven safe?

The Silicone Puree Food Molds are safe for use in all types of ovens and microwaves up to a temperature of 465°F or 230°C.

What is the average lifespan of the food molds?

With correct use and cleaning the silicone food molds can last as long as 40 years of daily use. 

Can puree food molds ONLY be used in cook fresh catering systems?

No. Our molds have been successfully implemented into cook fresh, cook freeze and cook chill catering systems. 

Does molding puree food take more time ?

Using puree food molds will actually save you time. Consider all the time you spend cooking and preparing puree food every day, plus the time spent cleaning the blender numerous times in one day each time you want puree a different food. Using food molds you may only have prepare puree food once a week ! By preparing puree food in larger batches, placing them in the food molds & freezing them for later use, there is a significant reduction in time spent preparing puree meals, and cleaning the food blender multiple times afterwards !  

How do I ensure I get the best food mold results every time?

When you're ready to use molded food made in the molds simply pop the frozen molded food items directly onto a plate exactly as you would like it presented as a meal, cover with cling wrap or plate cover and allow to thaw in the refrigerator overnight. The next day simply cover molded meals with a heat proof lid and re-heat either in a Burlodge style retherm system, or a combi oven (steam/heat) or in a Bain Marie undercounter hot box,

Why do some molded puree foods not keep their shape when heated?

Due to the unique properties of different foods (water content, molecular structure) some puree foods molded may not keep their shape as well as others when reheated. For this reason be very careful how much fluid is added to the blender when preparing the puree mixture to ensure the right consistency before placing into the molds. Its also important to always add a sufficent amount of food thickener (instant potato powder, Food Mold Thickener) to the mixture. This will ensure the shape of the mold is maintained and the fluid doesn’t leak out or separate from the food. When adding thickener slowly add small amounts so as not to over thicken the mixture. Blend in thoroughly until the mixture reaches a firm consistency that will hold on a spoon inverted or will retain its texture when forked. Then simply place the texture modified food into the molds using a spatula. Easy !

Reheating molded meals in a microwave can also cause molds to lose their shapes due to the harsh nature of this reheating method often causing food molds to ‘bleed out’. If attempting to microwave molded meals always use a low power setting with a microwave safe cover to ensure my uniform reheating.

Is there any way of improving the nutritional content of puree food?

Food intended to be pureed is often overcooked and/or has water added to it when it is blended, resulting in a lower nutritional content then normal textured food. Individuals on a texture modfified diet generally have smaller appetites and tend to fatigue quicker when eating their meals resulting in individuals not always meeting their dietary needs. So consider adding small amount of butter/oil/margarine and an small amount of protein powder (Enrich Plus - Whey Protein Isolate) to your puree mixture to increase the protein and energy content of the food without compromising the flavour.

Are all foods acceptable on pureed diet?

No. Some foods are not recommended to be used for a puree diet. For more information on this consult a Speech Pathologist or have a look at the Texture Modified Diets page on this website for a guide to the acceptable and not acceptable foods for individuals requiring a puree diet.